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Herding Lessons & Rates



NOTE:  As of 5/2008, due to our very heavy schedule with other aspects of our training business, Tammie is not available for herding lessons or evaluations.  Please check back in the future to see when we may be able to offer herding lessons, again.


  Tammie, an AHBA judge, has offered lessons and instinct evaluations for over 10 years  
  Instruction is focused on creating the most natural working stock dog, possible  
  Attention is placed on teaching the handler about herding, livestock and managing a dog  
  Students are encouraged to "do chores" with their dogs, to develop a "thinking" partner  
  Students can take full advantage of the facilities, working in any of the many pens, arenas and large fields  
  Lessons are scheduled on an individual basis and can be set up on weekdays or Saturdays (although most Saturdays are book well in advance or are dedicated to our Workshops and Pet First Aid/ CPR classes)  

Read Tammie's article:  How To Create A Confident Herding Partner


Livestock Rental

  Herding enthusiasts who do not require instructions, may rent livestock at DarnFar  
  Typical rental is for 5 head of sheep or ducks, but arrangements can be made for larger groups of stock  
  Rental is by the hour (one hour minimum) in any of the many training areas  
  Livestock rental is scheduled on an individual basis  


  Introduction to Livestock / Instinct Evaluation / Single Lesson $30      
  Lesson:  additional dog(s) of same handler (same day) $25      
  Livestock Rental (one hour minimum) $20 first hour, $15 each additional hour      
  "Spotting Service" during  Livestock Rental $7 / hour      

                                                  Bulk Rates for Lessons

  5 Bulk Lessons - Single Dog Lesson ($25 each) $125  save $25      
  10 Bulk Lessons - Single Dog Lessons ($23 each) $230  save $70      
  5 Bulk Lessons must be used within 4 months of first lesson        
  10 Bulk Lessons must be used within 7 months of first lesson        
  Bulk lessons must be paid before or on the first lesson date        

                                          Lesson Cancellation Policy

  Lesson Cancellation Fee (cancellation under 24 hours ) $20 / dog      
  Lesson No-Show $30 (or forfeit one Bulk lesson)      
  Cancellation due to severe inclement weather does not apply        



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